Meet The Jeep Compass Rival From Mitsubishi

Having a car is a necessity in the modern era and everyone knows that owning a vehicle is useful. The usefulness is seen mostly in the situation of emergencies. People are buying cars from decades and modern day cars are the most advanced one. Having a car is trendy and passion and if the car looks stylish and modern then an inner satisfaction works. Jeep Compass is one of the attractive four wheelers that catches eyes.

The Details and Specifications of Jeep Compass

If the name sounds familiar to you then yes, it is that popular and people who bought it are the wise ones. It’s an American company and the fame is mostly for manufacturing the most affordable SUV. The car has everything you need and it’s a bit expensive, around 15 to 23 lakhs INR. The car provides you all the comfort with the usefulness and a very trendy look. It comes in six different colours – hydro blue, minimal grey, exotica red, vocal white, brilliant black, magnetic grey.


The main reason for the popularity of the automobile is because of the competitive price and besides the features, this SUV has been ideal. It has 1368 cc with a mileage of 14 – 17 km per litre The power of the engine is around 150 – 160 bhp at 3750 rpm and there is manual transmission support. The torque the engine provides is 250 nm at around 1750-2500 rpm and the car has audio control function. It has one 7 speed automatic and two 6 speed manual gearboxes. The car has a seating capacity of 5. It uses power steering so that you experience a great road trip with a company.

Is it the king alone or there are rivals

Without any argument, it can be said that the car provides good specs with an affordable cost for an SUV and the TRP is worth it. However, it is not the only king of the road and it’s time to meet it’s rival from Mitsubishi – the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The SUV by Mitsubishi has all the specs to give a tough competition and eat some of its market portion.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross details with specs

Mitsubishi always has a good reputation of their quality cars and good customer care service and the Eclipse Cross add another crown in it. It has the size of length around 4.4 meters which is the same as the Jeep Compass. It features an engine which has four cylinders and turbocharged at 1.5-litre comparing it to the 1.4 litres of Compass. The engine provides the power of 152 bhp which is also the same as the Jeep Compass. The eight-speed CVT with having a sports mode add extra features on this SUV. The outer look and the design are very trendy, stylish and attractive and the inner cabin is full black with a premium look.

Right now there is no information about the pricing of the Eclipse Cross but it is expected that it may be priced lower than the Jeep Compass with all of the extra added features and if it happens than both the SUV will prove to be tough competition to one another.

Smart And Safe Automotive Electronics

We live in an age of information and technology that has made everything around us smarter. Electronic and digital components have made life easier in our homes, offices, and automobiles.

Some of life’s bells and whistles, like nose hair trimmers, are no more than budget-grabbing gizmos. However there are many intelligent tools that can bring convenience and safety to our daily tasks.

In the vast world of “smart” technology, the automotive electronics market is king. Indispensable features such as anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability control are perfect examples of smart and safe automotive electronics.

Recent developments by industry experts have created a huge increase in the number of electronic devices installed at automotive plants. Just to give you an idea of how quickly cars have evolved electronically, the Apollo 11 space craft traveled to the moon and back using a mere 150 kilobytes of onboard memory. It’s remarkable to think that the typical CD player uses a whopping 500 kilobytes just to keep our favorite songs from skipping. Listening to uninterrupted music is a mere iota of how electronics have impacted a car’s performance in order to benefit drivers.

Telematics is the term used for the technology that involves automobile communication systems. The term was originally used to describe the blending of telecommunications and informatics or information technology. This industry has been gaining more and more attention from car manufacturers over the past years. In the mid-1990s, industry insiders predicted that telematics would become “the” go-to technology; increasing overall sales and more importantly, transforming the automotive industry into a major player in mobile technology. In reality, these forecasts panned out to be less than what was predicted. From an initial industry projection of over $40 billion dollars, the figure has been whittled down to half as more conservative measures were considered.

Nevertheless, that is by no means an indication that the development of this telematics technology has been or will be abandoned. In fact, on average automobile manufacturers spend $2000 on electronic systems for every vehicle that comes off the line — in incredible increase from the $110-per-car budget of the early 1970s. This huge increase in spending is reflected in everything from engine performance to entertainment systems, security features to safety devices. Every component of the vehicle works together to provide automobiles that perform better, are more comfortable, and ultimately safer to drive.

Some of the most common smart and safe automotive electronics are as follows:

Controller Area Network
More than one computer runs your car. There is actually a network of computers called the Controller Area Network (CAN). Like a LAN (Local Area Network) that’s commonly used in home and business computers, the CAN links computers together. In your vehicle, the CAN basically links the many separate computer systems together and allows them communicate with each other. These interconnected systems involve everything from critical systems like engine management, cruise control and anti-lock brakes and cruise control, to less-demanding applications like automatic window and seat controls.

Fuel Efficiency
Skyrocketing fuel prices have forced automotive manufacturers to realize the need for fuel-efficient vehicles, and to meet that demand. Smart automotive electronics are used to create the more efficient burning of fuel, such as the electronic fuel injection system (EFI). The technology used in hybrid vehicles takes this one step further, with electronic devices that allow the driver to automatically switch between gas and electric engines.

Safety Devices
There are generally two categories of devices designed to protect the safety of the driver and passengers: active and passive safety devices.

* Active safety devices: These are systems that constantly work to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Examples of active safety devices are dynamic steering response (DSR), traction control (TCS), and acceleration slip regulation (ASR). While the average driver may not notice these systems at work, they are constantly sensing road and driving conditions and adjusting the car’s performance accordingly to create a safer ride. Electronic Stability Control has been shown by researchers to have a large safety benefit in reducing single vehicle skids.

* Passive safety devices: While these features may be more visible and seem simpler, they are also controlled by smart and safe automotive electronics. Thanks to developments in electronics and technology, airbag deployment has seen a tremendous amount of improvement over the years. Early airbags would deploy too early or too late, offering little or no benefit to the driver and passengers. Now, more advanced systems have created devices in your car that are actually programmed to the conditions that can lead to a high collision impact. Airbag and seating adjustment systems are deployed to minimize impact and decrease the degree of injury to the people inside the vehicle.

Think of the advancements over just a decade, and you’ll agree that the car of today certainly is a far cry from its predecessors. Modern automobiles offer more than simply a means of getting from point A to point B. Smart and safe automotive electronics make “getting there” as comfortable and as secure as possible.

Determining Your Vehicle Transportation Needs

If you are thinking about moving your car or truck using a vehicle transportation company, there are a few things you should consider first. Knowing what is out there and what you need for your particular move can help make your move pain free. There are different ways to get your vehicle from one place to another and many auto transport carriers offer various services that can make this process safer.

First it is important to know that most auto transport carriers move automobiles by trucks that are designed to carry multiple vehicles at one time. Although this is the most common method, there are a couple other options in the vehicle transportation industry. One method that used to be more common but is still occasionally used today is rail transport. With continued industrialization and the increased development of highways, rail transport has gradually became less and less popular, considering the time involved with rail transport is longer than the amount of time an auto transport carrier would take using truck transport. Another way to get your auto moved is to hire a driver. Unfortunately, this usually requires the customer to pay for the drivers expenses such as food and lodging which can make the trip costly. With all of the development in the vehicle transport industry, employing an auto transport carrier that uses trucks for vehicle transportation has become a streamlined process from start to finish with very little uncertainty from pickup to delivery.

If you have decided on using an auto transport carrier that utilizes truck transport you can now choose additional services depending on your wants and needs for your vehicle transportation. One such service many companies offer is fully enclosed transport. Instead of having your car or truck hauled with many other vehicles on an open carrier you can choose to have your vehicle placed on an enclosed trailer where it may be the only one. This option is great for antiques or vehicles used in car shows. You will not have to worry about dust, weather, rocks or debris from the road when you ship your vehicle in an enclosed transport. Also some auto transport carriers offer door to door service. Most companies such as McNutt Automotive automatically put this in their quotes when possible! This service keeps you from having to drop off or pick up your vehicle from a terminal, which saves you time.

One more thing to consider when transporting your vehicle is insurance. This is probably the most important factor when determining your vehicle transportation needs. All auto transport carriers are required to carry insurance. This insurance must cover not only the truck they are driving but also every car they are transporting.

There are many components to consider when transporting your vehicle. Knowing what is available and what you need or want is the key to insuring you are satisfied with your transaction.

ATV Trailers Are The Right Transportation Means For Your ATV

Transporting and moving an ATV around is not quite the same thing as loading and moving a bicycle. For the purpose of transporting your ATVs around, you’ll need a durable, high-quality ATV trailer.

What are ATV trailers?

ATV trailers are, essentially a loading and transporting means of moving your ATV from one place to another. With an ATV trailer, the level of care, convenience and expediency is elevated when you use the right type to transport your ATV. Moving, loading, unloading is cumbersome if not impossible without an ATV trailer.

Why is using an ATV trailer important?

Moving an ATV around (more so if you’re going on a trip with family or friends) can be stressful. By using a proper ATV trailer to move the ATV around, you minimize the level of stress and anxiety whenever you have to make a move. With an ATV trailer, at least you know that the trailer hitch, hitch ball, ball mount and safety chain is designed to keep your ATV safe.

Important things to remember when you’re using an ATV trailer

Anyone who has ever used an ATV trailer before can tell you that not only is the loading and unloading challenging, so is driving. It’s sort of like driving with a long string of tied around your waist and at the other end of the string, there’s ball of iron on wheels! If you sway around or change lanes very often, the ATV trailer at the back of your car will sway along with you. and because there’s a distance between the ATV trailer and your car, every single move you make with the car, you’ll have to take the delayed reaction from the ATV trailer. So, it’s important to remember that if you have an ATV trailer tagging along’ behind your vehicle, don’t hit the brake pedal too hard. And while speeding is not advisable under any circumstance, it’s particularly dangerous if you’re driving with an ATV trailer. The faster you go, the worse the sway will be.

Buy an ATV trailer made for the right ATV

Different ATV trailers are made for different loads and size. Some ATV trailers are made to carry a heavier load than others, while some ATV trailers are made to carry more than one ATV. So, before you buy, consult the shop assistant or if you’re buying the ATV trailer online, send a quick email to the owner of the website.

The Creative Guide To Motorcycle Security System

When your gleaming cruiser is park in an unsecured spot, un-alarmed and uncovered for all the world to see, street prowlers on their way to the grocery will test-sat your motorcycle as a target for a quick heist. On the other hand, professional crooks have a list of the kinds of motorcycles they want to pilfer and if your motorcycle model happens to be in their list, you better take security measures before they take away your pride and joy. Whether you have your motorcycle security system installed professionally at the factory or the do-it-yourself kind, it does not matter as long as you wont provide an easy rip off for these slimeballs.

College and mall parking lots, airports large parking lots that are often deserted during early dawn and motorcycle rallies and shows where there are fleets of motorcycles to choose from, these are often the target places for thieves looking for an easy prey. So the rule always comes down to the basics. Always park your motorcycle, where you can see it from the restaurant you patronize. If you have a bowling habit every Tuesdays, use a motorcycle cover to drape over your cruiser to keep potential criminals at bay.

Use an ultra violet pen and mark your drivers license number on motorcycle components, such as under the seats engine.dipstick or on body panels. Even better install a Datatag or Alpha Dot security marking system. Photocopy your registration and roll the copy up inside the handlebar, tool bag, under some cover or in the headlight shell. By doing these things you have better chances of recovering your motorcycle(in case it gets stolen) and may help bust a motorcycle theft ring and convict the thieves or handler of stolen motorcycle parts.

Stolen motorcycle can be dismantled and the motorcycle parts are sold as they can be smuggled out of the country and sold as they are. The motorcycle components can also be installed in a what is passed off as a custom frame and sold as a new bike. Also the motorcycle is given an altered or fake VIN and resold locally. So it is really important to mark your bike parts with your identification.

There are many variety of locks ranging from high-end hasps to stuff you can rummage at your local hardware store. Quality disc locks,chains and lock,cable,shackle or U-locks, wheel locks,fork and ignition locks. There are even a wide array of locks for motorcycle accessories like, keyed and detachable lock for backrest or luggage packs. Really, there are plenty of locks at your disposal.

The main trick here, is to use two or three different locks so that the thieving criminal may not have ample time ir tools to defeat the various locks on-site. He may pass up your motorcycle and go look for other bikes to victimize. Do not leave your long chains lying on the ground where it can be easily defeated with common tools like cutters, slide hammer, grinders or torches. Carrying a hefty cable lock or U-lock or any in ground anchor may not be convenient (that is if your bike does not have saddlebags). Use these types of locks to anchor the bike to something solid like lamp post, fence,car or the ground. It will prevent a group of muscled guys from rolling away your two-wheeler into a waiting van.

Some motorcycle owners will use creative and confusing techniques to foil the bad guys. One motorcycle owner wired a concealed two-way switch into his starter button. When he park he would flip the switch. If someone other than him push the starter button, the horn will start honking and it wouldnt stop until the owner(the one who knows how to flip the right switch) will turn it off. Another one reconfigured his petcock handle, so it will appear to be on reserve, when off.

There are numerous ways you can rewire and reconfigure choke controls and stuff to confuse the thieves and make them look like idiots. What do you think these felons would react if confronted with a clutch that wont engage or there are no shift lever there to choose a gear or a center stand that wont retract?

If you live in apartment complexes, naturally you park your motorcycle in communal garages. To provide a challenge for thieves, negotiate a spot where you can anchor your motorcycle to a pillar or pipe and to prevent passers-by from prying, a motorcycle cover with locks is recommended. If you own your garage you can DIY or pro install a dedicated security system or as an extension of the security system on the rest of your home. Again be creative, you can set a tied black thread to your motorcycle to a pile of bottles in your garage. If a trespasser will trip over the thread, the sound of breaking glass will surely alarm you and your neighbors.

In your garage, you can secure your motorcycle by anchoring it to the ground. Use a U shaped steel anchors with heavy duty chain and lock that is inserted thorough the frame and anchor it in your garage floor and lock it with industrial grade padlock. A cctv camera, door motion sensors,pressure pad and motion-activated floodlights at the entrance will surely hinder trespassers.

Sheet Metal Stamping In The Automotive Industry

Historically, sheet metal stamping has been used extensively to produce automotive body panels. Although sheet metal stamping use has decreased with the advent of fiberglass body panels, sheet metal stamping is still the most popular material for manufacturing automobiles today. The addition of lasers and robotics to the automobile manufacturing process has further expanded the way that sheet metal stamping is processed.


Lasers have been used in production facilities since the 1960’s. Today, they are used to cut, form holes, engrave, weld or heat treat sheet metal stamping for use in automotive production.

Lasers are used in applications that rely on precise measurements and exact alignments.

The adjustment of lasers is measured in micrometers, or millionths of a meter.

There are many different types of lasers used to alter sheet metal stamping and plastics in the automotive industry.

Carbon dioxide laser- uses a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium to produce a continuous laser output

Continuous-wave laser- this type of laser produces light beams continuously rather than in controlled pulses

Excimer laser-emits light in a UV spectrum that is used for producing high quality edges on parts that are prone to cracking or thermal damage; it falls into the category of pulsed-gas lasers

Gas laser-any laser that uses a gas mixture as the lasing medium; common gases are argon and carbon dioxide

Pulsed laser-emits light in controlled pulses and is preferred for thin materials ; it can be used to create intricate details and work in tight corners without burning

Ruby laser-a solid state laser that uses a synthetic ruby crystal with a chromium impurity as the lasing medium

Solid-state laser-a type of laser that uses a crystal or glass as the host for an impurity to produce the lasing action; especially useful for precise measuring and spot welding

Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) laser-ranges in power from a few milliwatts to more than 400 watts; used for cutting, drilling, heat treating and welding operations


Robotics are often used for repetitive tasks, monotonous jobs or those parts of the manufacturing process that are physically difficult or take place in environmentally unpleasant conditions. They are directed by computer programs and perform precise operations without human intervention.

Lasers and robotics have significantly increased the speed at which sheet metal stamping can be processed in the automotive manufacturing process. Continued technological advancements in these two areas will further increase the cost effectiveness and productivity of automotive manufacturing facilities.

Best And Worst Baby Car Seats

With so numerous baby car seat models being sold, numerous new moms and dads really feel overwhelmed and worried about which 1 is the very best selection. It’s such an crucial choice! The last thing you’d want is to have your child in an infant automobile seat that doesn’t supply the uppermost level of amount of protection for your youngster in the occasion that you’ve got a auto crash.

One of the excellent things about the web is that it is possible to study virtually anything within the comfort of your own home. Certain, there’s a great deal of trivial, futile stuff available, but there is also a great deal of practical info we can use in our everyday lives. When it comes to researching some thing like an infant car seat, consumer protective cover organizations often have elaborate web sites that are the perfect places to get what you will need.

Consumer Incidents is certainly a familiar organization devoted to giving consumers detailed facts about items of all kinds – such as your next baby car seat. In Could, 2005, the great individuals at Consumer Reports conducted if thorough test of many brands of car seats. They wanted to locate the greatest (and worst) baby auto seat being sold, established on crash protective cover, simplicity, and proper vehicle fit. Here are the results for both infant auto seats and convertible automobile seats.

Best & Worst Infant Baby Auto Seat

An infant baby automobile seat is made for babies up to about 20 lbs. ( birth to 9 months). In this category, the most effective baby automobile seat was the Britax Companion. It rated ‘Very Good to Excellent’ on crash protection, ‘Very Good’ on ease of use, and ‘Excellent’ on vehicle fit. The only drawback with this model of baby auto seat was price. At $170, it was among the highest priced seats in the marketplace.

The newborn child automobile seat that scored lowest (of those tested) was the Evenflo PortAbout 5 (Premier Comfort Touch). It rated only ‘Fair to Good’ on crash protective cover, ‘Very Good’ on ease of use, and ‘Excellent’ on vehicle fit. While it scored among the highest in the latter two classes, the basic concern with any baby vehicle seat is protection, and this 1 just doesn’t pass muster.

Finest & Worst Convertible Baby Auto Seat

A convertible baby auto seat is created for children up to about 35 lbs. in rear-facing models and up to 40 lbs. for front-facing seats. Among these child seats, the Evenflo Titan 5 scored an impressive ‘Excellent’ rating in both crash protective cover and vehicle fit. It rated ‘Very Good’ on ease of use. Overall, this is a fantastic baby auto seat!

The worst score in this category was given to the Britax Marathon baby vehicle seat. The only real trouble with this model is the latch, which had some problems and drove the ratings down for crash protective cover and vehicle fit. It’s still rated ‘Excellent’ in several categories, so even this baby car seat isn’t a bad buy. You just want to be certain that the latch works properly in your specific vehicle.

9 Benefits of Vinegar to Solve Car Problems

Not only used as a food seasoning, vinegar or venegar can also be useful to overcome problems in the car. Fun, this one material is affordable and easy to find.

Quoted from Rotary Bintaro Workshop, vinegar can help overcome the nine problems that occur in the car.

1. Eliminate odor in the cabin area

Bad smells from spilled food or food scents that spread throughout the cabin are sometimes difficult to remove. Although already using air freshener, the smell is still there.

To eliminate it, otolovers just put a glass of vinegar in the cabin. Let the vinegar water stay in the cabin for a day. If the smell of the cabin is neutral, then vinegar water it.

Toyota Kediri Jombang

2. Eliminate sticker stick design

Removing the sticker on the car body, usually will leave glue sticker. So that does not happen, before removing the sticker, dab water vinegar on the sticker. After that, pull the sticker slowly. By demkian, glass or car body will not leave any blemishes.

3. Cleaning bird droppings

Bird droppings can accelerate the exfoliation of car paint. If at any time the bird drops its dirt on the body of your car, take vinegar and apply on the dirty part. Thus, the dirt can be lifted little by little without damaging car paint.

4. Clean carpet carpet

Car rugs are dirty and hard to clean? Otolovers can use acetic acid to remove all the dirt on the carpet. That way, car rug returns clean as newly purchased.

Honda Malang

5. Lift stains attached to the dashboard

Dashboard is a part that is often dirty due to the glass of the car that is too often opened when driving. Before the dirt becomes dry and accumulate, otolovers can use vinegar water to lift all the dust that sticks on the dashboard. Way by dipping clean cloth into vinegar solution.

6. Clean the wiper cloth

Giving vinegar to wiper rubber is believed to remove the dirt on the rubber wiper. In addition, vinegar can also restore the elasticity of wiper rubber. However, otolovers should mix vinegar with enough water to prevent damage to the wiper rubber.

7. Cleaning chrome components

Even washed chrome components are still leaving some dirt. To remove it, wet soft cloth with vinegar, then use the cloth to wipe the chrome components to make it look clean and shiny.

8. Cleaning the car seat upholstery

Dirt on the seat is very disturbing scenery while driving. In order to clean the seat back, rub the vinegar into the dirty seat. Dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar with a spoon of washing liquid, then grab the cloth and rub the car seat until all the dirt is lifted clean.

9. Prevent freezing of dew

Dew that stuck to the car window will automatically interfere with the driver’s view while driving the car. However, this dew can be overcome by coating car windows with vinegar solution first.


Toyota Malang

Toyota C-HR Electric Produced 2020, Entering Indonesia?

In the event of the Beijing Auto Show, the auto giant, Toyota introduced several PHEV vehicles. This is to support the Japanese manufacturer’s target to sell 5.5 million electric cars by 2030.

Some models are brought, as disitat from Autoevolution, is the Corolla plug-in hybrid. Next, the Levin plug-in hybrid sedan. This car, with pure electric motors, can travel a distance of 50 km.

both models will be armed with a 1.8 liter engine, though it has not been officially announced yet.

Toyota itself, will begin producing Corolla and Levin PHEV in 2019 in China. Simultaneously, marks the first PHEV production outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, Toyota is also soon launching an electric version of its compact crossover, C-HR in 2020.

With 10 electrification models expected to be sold in China by 2020, Toyota will become a more environmentally friendly company.

The company will also explore fuel cell vehicles, by conducting trials of Toyota Mirai, as well as hydrogen buses.

Not yet known whether the Toyota CH-R electric version will enter the Indonesian market. Currently Toyota CH-R which is started in the national market is still using conventional machines with prices ranging from Rp 488.5 million status on the road in Jakarta.

Toyota Malang


Car Body Kits And Aesthetic Appeal

Body kits are one of the items that car owners use to enhance visual appeal of their car. It is relatively a low cost option to adorn a car. But do not confuse it with window dressing. Window dressing suggests highlighting certain aspects of a product while hiding others which need not be publicized. Some element of deception may be associated with the term window dressing. There is no deception in the use of body kits. They fulfill the urge of the car owners to make their car look beautiful. People have an inherent desire to make their possessions like houses, furniture etc. to have an aesthetic appeal. Cars are not an exception. People try to make their look as pleasing as possible by various ways.

Body kits are fitted externally and so are better suited to enhance visual appeal. Technological innovations have also contributed in enhancing their appeal. Besides metals other materials like polyurethane, fiber glass, carbon fiber, and special plastics are also used in manufacturing them. As a result there are body kits in numerous shapes, designs, and colors. Buyers have a wide choice to select from. Every one can acquire what he or she fancies.

Car body kits mainly consist of bumpers, side skirts, side guards, and spoilers. One has to be careful while acquiring body kits. Body kits meant for one particular vehicle would not ordinarily fit vehicle of another make. Their proper installation is another job to be properly executed. Experts having previous experience have to be engaged, as some times some alterations in supports etc. become necessary before installing body kits. This is emphasized because body kits are not mere decorative parts, they contribute to safety aspects of a vehicle and have their specific use.

You can ride in a car fitted with body kits of your choice, and notice how your friends and onlookers react. If these are smartly chosen they will admire your car and your taste. The experience will be worth the time taken in choosing and installing body kits. With body kits you can truly personalize the aesthetics of your car. You can see the latest body kits at