Reasons for Choosing a Quality Rotor

Racing enthusiasts know that stoptech rotors outperform the competition when it comes to braking. These rotors have been engineered to provide fast reaction time without overheating in the process. These high-quality rotors are not strictly for on-track use or off-road racing, they are also the perfect choice to have on the family car for maximum safety when braking.

Replacement Rotors

When a rotor wears out, it’s time for a new one. Installing a quality part is crucial to stop quickly in an emergency situation. A good rotor and brake pad combination should be able to able to disperse the heat, evenly distribute it around the pad, and not concentrate it in just one area. This can prevent the brakes from wearing out prematurely and also help the vehicle to stop quickly.

High Quality is Better

Not all rotors are created equal. While all rotors provide the means to stop a vehicle, some are not equipped for endurance. Rotors take the thermal energy that’s created during the braking process, disperse it, and then release it. This allows a vehicle to stop quickly without any hesitation. A good quality rotor does more than just braking. It allows for cooling and less fade, which is a reduction or loss of braking power. Coming to a halt requires friction between the rotor and pad, and without it, a vehicle’s preferred rate of deceleration may not happen. This can result in an accident due to a lack of braking capability.


In order for the brake system to work correctly on a vehicle, the pads and rotors must be bedded-in. To put it in simple terms, this means that, for the brakes to work, there must be an even layer of the brake pad coming into contact with the surface of the rotor to create the right amount of friction that’s necessary to bring the vehicle to a stop. A rotor that offers maximum cooling capabilities, along with being bedded-in properly, can stop a vehicle faster and without the possibility of any fade occurring.

Rotors are a necessary part of the braking system. The better the quality, the faster a car or truck will stop. This can be essential when trying to avoid an accident, or when coming to a stop during competition racing. What works best on the track may also be the best for everyday street driving.