9 Benefits of Vinegar to Solve Car Problems

Not only used as a food seasoning, vinegar or venegar can also be useful to overcome problems in the car. Fun, this one material is affordable and easy to find.

Quoted from Rotary Bintaro Workshop, vinegar can help overcome the nine problems that occur in the car.

1. Eliminate odor in the cabin area

Bad smells from spilled food or food scents that spread throughout the cabin are sometimes difficult to remove. Although already using air freshener, the smell is still there.

To eliminate it, otolovers just put a glass of vinegar in the cabin. Let the vinegar water stay in the cabin for a day. If the smell of the cabin is neutral, then vinegar water it.

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2. Eliminate sticker stick design

Removing the sticker on the car body, usually will leave glue sticker. So that does not happen, before removing the sticker, dab water vinegar on the sticker. After that, pull the sticker slowly. By demkian, glass or car body will not leave any blemishes.

3. Cleaning bird droppings

Bird droppings can accelerate the exfoliation of car paint. If at any time the bird drops its dirt on the body of your car, take vinegar and apply on the dirty part. Thus, the dirt can be lifted little by little without damaging car paint.

4. Clean carpet carpet

Car rugs are dirty and hard to clean? Otolovers can use acetic acid to remove all the dirt on the carpet. That way, car rug returns clean as newly purchased.

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5. Lift stains attached to the dashboard

Dashboard is a part that is often dirty due to the glass of the car that is too often opened when driving. Before the dirt becomes dry and accumulate, otolovers can use vinegar water to lift all the dust that sticks on the dashboard. Way by dipping clean cloth into vinegar solution.

6. Clean the wiper cloth

Giving vinegar to wiper rubber is believed to remove the dirt on the rubber wiper. In addition, vinegar can also restore the elasticity of wiper rubber. However, otolovers should mix vinegar with enough water to prevent damage to the wiper rubber.

7. Cleaning chrome components

Even washed chrome components are still leaving some dirt. To remove it, wet soft cloth with vinegar, then use the cloth to wipe the chrome components to make it look clean and shiny.

8. Cleaning the car seat upholstery

Dirt on the seat is very disturbing scenery while driving. In order to clean the seat back, rub the vinegar into the dirty seat. Dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar with a spoon of washing liquid, then grab the cloth and rub the car seat until all the dirt is lifted clean.

9. Prevent freezing of dew

Dew that stuck to the car window will automatically interfere with the driver’s view while driving the car. However, this dew can be overcome by coating car windows with vinegar solution first.

Source: liputan6.com

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