Meet The Jeep Compass Rival From Mitsubishi

Having a car is a necessity in the modern era and everyone knows that owning a vehicle is useful. The usefulness is seen mostly in the situation of emergencies. People are buying cars from decades and modern day cars are the most advanced one. Having a car is trendy and passion and if the car looks stylish and modern then an inner satisfaction works. Jeep Compass is one of the attractive four wheelers that catches eyes.

The Details and Specifications of Jeep Compass

If the name sounds familiar to you then yes, it is that popular and people who bought it are the wise ones. It’s an American company and the fame is mostly for manufacturing the most affordable SUV. The car has everything you need and it’s a bit expensive, around 15 to 23 lakhs INR. The car provides you all the comfort with the usefulness and a very trendy look. It comes in six different colours – hydro blue, minimal grey, exotica red, vocal white, brilliant black, magnetic grey.


The main reason for the popularity of the automobile is because of the competitive price and besides the features, this SUV has been ideal. It has 1368 cc with a mileage of 14 – 17 km per litre The power of the engine is around 150 – 160 bhp at 3750 rpm and there is manual transmission support. The torque the engine provides is 250 nm at around 1750-2500 rpm and the car has audio control function. It has one 7 speed automatic and two 6 speed manual gearboxes. The car has a seating capacity of 5. It uses power steering so that you experience a great road trip with a company.

Is it the king alone or there are rivals

Without any argument, it can be said that the car provides good specs with an affordable cost for an SUV and the TRP is worth it. However, it is not the only king of the road and it’s time to meet it’s rival from Mitsubishi – the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The SUV by Mitsubishi has all the specs to give a tough competition and eat some of its market portion.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross details with specs

Mitsubishi always has a good reputation of their quality cars and good customer care service and the Eclipse Cross add another crown in it. It has the size of length around 4.4 meters which is the same as the Jeep Compass. It features an engine which has four cylinders and turbocharged at 1.5-litre comparing it to the 1.4 litres of Compass. The engine provides the power of 152 bhp which is also the same as the Jeep Compass. The eight-speed CVT with having a sports mode add extra features on this SUV. The outer look and the design are very trendy, stylish and attractive and the inner cabin is full black with a premium look.

Right now there is no information about the pricing of the Eclipse Cross but it is expected that it may be priced lower than the Jeep Compass with all of the extra added features and if it happens than both the SUV will prove to be tough competition to one another.